On the eve of 2

As I say goodbye to the magical year that was #ansonis1… well, I got a little sappy. There’s no more baby. This is a full blown toddler we are dealing with, language skills and all.

Anson loves his trains, and his doggies, and especially backhoes.

He loves his friend, Aiden.

He often talks about Daddy’s truck.

And how did this all come about so quickly? He went from repeating the words we encouraged him to use, to stringing together full-blown sentences in a matter of moments.

or so it seems

They all tell you it goes by fast. And I look back on the last two, magical years and can’t help but agree.

Two years ago today, the Hubs and I went out for “drinks” at Public House 124, met up with my sister and her wife, drove home and had a half-sleep night in advance of the surgery we knew would come the next day.

We showed up at the hospital at 6 am.

We had a baby in our arms at 8:09 am.

Life has never, will never be the same.

He’s exceeded all of our expectations, and he hasn’t even crossed the 2 year mark yet.

He’s loving, and kind, and he listens, and he loves. Did I mention he’s a lover? Oh yea, on the last post.

But he is.

He truly loves people. He loves to spend time with others, he remembers people’s names and uses them, he hugs and appreciates and even occasionally uses his manners.

He’s a special kid.

(Not that I’m biased.)

And tonight as we did our bedtime routine, I felt like I needed to make it extra special somehow. We read our stories, we brushed our teeth, we had our nightly conversation (read this post for a very inspiring Mommy-read), and I asked him if he was ready to go night-night.

“Yes, night-night.”
“I love you, buddy.”
“I love you too, Mama.”
“I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Hey buddy, do you know what? This is your last night of being one. Tomorrow morning, you’ll be two.”
“Okay mama.”

I’m not sure the magnitude of the situation sunk in with Anson, but I felt better having snuck it in.


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